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CanSat 2022

CanSat in Greece is a national space competition organized by SPIN – Space Innovation in collaboration with the  European Space Agency (ESA) and the  World CanSat & Rocketry Competition (WCRC).

Participants are invited to design and build an educational can-sized satellite for the purpose of carrying out a space mission that they themselves have envisioned. The satellite launches onboard a rocket built by SPIN at an altitude of 1km where it ejects and lands safely with a parachute while performing the mission that the team has chosen.

The competition has a duration of 8 months and has two categories, one for high school and one for university students. The winner of the high school category directly qualifies for the  CanSats in Europe competition organized by ESA, while the university category is the first systematic effort to create a space contest for university students in Greece. The winner of the university category qualifies for the worldwide competition of WCRC.


Advanced Satellite for Terrestrial Rover Observation

Team Manager:

Christos Nikolopoulos

Team Members:

Antoniadou Anastasia, Erga Sofia, Kapelis George, Pilios Konstantinos, Spyridakis Konstantinos, Tsetsis Christos


Baklezos Anargyros, Kapetanakis Thodoris, Levakis Apostolis, Tsismenakis George, Tzougkarakis Nikos,